When your partner experiences sensory loss.

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PHOTO CREDIT: https://www.rd.com/advice/relationships/happy-marriage-feel-loved/

To experience loss of hearing and loss of vision is a scary process. Your thoughts wander to:  What does this mean? How does this loss define me? How can I remain independent? But, one question that is just as important to recognize: How is my partner coping with this new loss?

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the University of Montreal have released an abstract to the public addressing concerns that couples have when a partner in the relationship is experiencing sensory loss. Intra- and interpersonal effects of coping on the psychological well-being of adults with sensory loss and their spouses is a great article that shares their findings for couples and professionals who need to be aware of what one partner is going through and how that loss is tied into their spouse’s well-being. The researchers of the article conducted their research over a six-month period, and we can expect more articles to come.

There is a supportive group on Facebook called Usher Syndrome (of America) Support Group, which is a closed group but offers support to those experiencing hearing and vision loss due to Usher Syndrome. If you are looking for support in vision loss that is unrelated to Usher Syndrome you can check out CNIB, and Canadian Hearing Society. Resources in the United States can be found at National Federation of the Blind, and Hearing Loss Association of America.


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